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Visual and functional solutions that speak for your brand
Effective branding communication is essential for your company, as it speaks on your behalf. I'm Kate Shash and I specialize in identity design, branding, and functional improvements for creating visually appealing and effective communication.

Let's work together to create a unique and memorable customer experience that aligns with your budget and attracts loyal customers.

How can I help you
You can hire me for a single consultation or a project to make your visual language better and solve your issues
I will analyze your product, whether it’s an application, physical product, digital work, portfolio, or service. Within personalized consultations, I will help you identify design & service points for improvement and offer solutions that align with your values and budget.
By working with graphic and web designers, illustrators, and other skilled professionals, I will help you create a face of your product that your clients will love and establish a visual relationship between your product and your customers.
Selected projects
Design for the non-profit community for women in creative industries
Identity, brand platform and general tone of voice for the real estate agency
The book about Street Art in Nizhniy Novgorod
The book about Adrian Frutiger, the great type designer
Benefits of working with me
With my strong background in graphic design, project management, and consulting, I offer a unique skill set to help clients achieve their business and design goals. I have a sharp eye for identifying design weaknesses and providing effective solutions that align with my clients' needs and budget.
We will Improve customer contentment and engagement in the way your company need to do that, with your tone of voice and values
Together we will work on improving customer trust and loyalty through functional and thoughtful design and services, which increase the wealth and reputation of a company
I work with my clients very gently, with a deep understanding of their needs and intention to solve a problem in the best suitable way
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