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Sketchbook Me
It’s been nearly 10 years since I started making sketchbooks by hand. I was not satisfied with anything on the market and decided to make books with good paper and organisation inside. Later, I extended my work, bought a sewing machine for notebooks, and worked with sketching stores and Print Offices all around Moscow. Finishing this project was one of the hardest decisions I made. Hope to come back to bookbinding someday.
Silkscreen covers, open binding, dots inside, pocket and two rubber bands for closing and bookmarking.
Alliance Legal
Notebooks, letterpress, two pockets on endpapers, dots and logo inside
Shiny Collection
Shinny matt sand paper, empty pages, bookmark, rubber band
Two types of paper: coloured and plain, open binding, empty pages, pocket and two rubber bands
Wedding Photobook
Open binding, silkscreen cover, empty pages
Perfect Planner
Planner iPhone size, 3 year calender, dots, tear-off pages inside, open binding
Sewed notebooks
Dots or empty pages inside, pocket, two colors of paper
Kate Shash — CEO, art director, designer, bookbinder
Alexey Avduevskiy — wooden sign
Alex Mao — illustrations, bookbinder helper
Vasilisa Amelekhina — illustrations
Maria Skorovarova — designer, bookbinder helper
Evgeny Brezhnev, Oleg Skvortsov — bookbinder helper
Victoria Romanova — presentation
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