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Ladies, Wine & Design, Moscow
For three years I have been the chapter leader of Ladies, Wine & Design, Moscow. At the start, we were provided with the general design system from the Head Quarters but later on decided to redesign our chapter’s identity. Through thorough research, we developed a vibrant and flexible system for our social network, YouTube channel, Podcast, presentation materials, and Merch. To explore the full story of our community, including our design journey, click the case study link below.
Instagram overview
Here is a development in years of what we created: no style at the start, later we used the design on the Global LWD and finally created our own style.
Instagram posts
We had a couple of sections that we found important. Among them are stories of women in the industry, projects and impact of historic figures, women quotes (oh, how hard it was sometimes to find exactly women’s voices), useful cards and topics of the month with a theme we would be talking about for 30 days.
Instagram stories
Oh, I love those ones. Our design system was flexible enough to create bright and shiny invitations for events, announcements and other important stuff.
Web design
One of our most challenging cases. I wanted to create a place with all important info about the community together with a private account for every member. In this case, our members would be able to buy tickets and access all community bonuses after proper registration. The site also consists of all the records (photos and videos) of the events. And another functionality we are still working on is creating a database with all the female speakers, mentors and freelancers in one place. Hope the release will be soon.
Look at these fancy covers we have, they are awesome! And feel free to check our videos from online and offline events as well as our podcast section.
This is one of our most valuable projects within LWD. We collected a huge bunch of interviews with all those who were ready to share their experience and made the 5-star podcast that bring us lots of new members (including current chapter leader Inessa Li) and a lot of tender reviews and gratitude.
I wish I could stay longer to see this Merch project be released. We created a great number of items: tote bags, hoodies, pins and sketchbooks that we all be ready to wear and use by ourselves. Unfortunately, the war stopped the production process but I hope someday we will finish it!
Presentation materials
Last but not least: presentations. Pitch, sponsor, event or whatever you can imagine. This was a hell of a work but we created a very nice amount of slides suitable for any purpose, brightness of a projector and atmosphere.
Nothing of this wasn't possible without the great crew of wonderful ladies, who volunteered this whole amount of work:
Design & Creative Director: Kate Shash
Design Concept: Kate Doronina
Web Art Director: Jane Kott
Designers: Polina Savenkova, Christina Shenko, Nastya Ichko, Victoria Romanova, Anastasia Tumanova
Illustration & Photography: Olya Pigolitsyna
Video Crew: Anna Osprey, Alexandra Volkovich
Sound artist: Ksenia Kazantseva
Head of Copy: Olga Sokorenko

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