Svoi People
Real Estate Agency "Свои Люди" ("Our People" will be the closest translation) is a place where people describe their purpose in finding the best for a customer as well as creating good relationships with people along the hard way of finding a perfect home. It is a place where people care where they live, who they surround themselves with and are gathering a crew of same thinkers. I was part of a team that created a logo and later continued working on the brand on my own.

Logo Designer: Maksim Tkachenko
Brand / Art Director: Yuri Narvin
Business Cards
Design & Print Management of silkscreened duplex business cards with foiled logo. Production: Funky Press
Brand Platform
Design & Production. More a Bible that a regular document.

Copywriter: Sergey Malaykin
Printing: MB Print
Cover: Demon Press
Design & Binding: Kate Shash
New Year present
Bathrobes for Sauna lovers: New Year gift for special clients. Design & Print Management.

Embroidery: Glav Halat
Some documents
Editable documents in Word.
The company asked me to make photos for the platform and web site. Well, I loved the result, yet I am not a photographer.
Some facts about the project
  • Platform design
    While working on platform pages, I realised that I really like making books more than working with brands & production.
  • Platform binding
    It is a handmade book made in four copies. The size of a book was developed so it was worth 108 pages.
  • New Year Gifts
    All packed by me. The first bags were also prepared by me using an industrial sewing machine I use to produce sketchbooks.
  • Word Documents
    Never. Ever.
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