A life's work
The book about work of a famous type designer Adrian Frutiger, that consists of the interviews with people from industry, articles and 'interactive section'.
This project gave me the membership in International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
Some facts about the project
  • Human after all
    Frutiger was a type designer, they all think straight forward, usually. However, Frutiger was very lyrical & I decided to use his quotes in a book.
  • Interviews
    I gathered interviews from very different people including Katherine McCoy, Phil Baines and Ilya Ruderman together with contemporary designers who are working with and creating typefaces.
  • Dialog
    If I am talking about humanity — let's have a chat: not just solid facts, but attitude. Frutiger as well as interviewees are answering my questions. Adrian did it in his own typefaces.
  • Interactive section
    At the end of the book there are pages with tracing paper, 2 letters of different typefaces and specimen. A reader can open the window to a world of a type designer, outlining the letters, comparing different letterforms.
  • Hand bound
    The last mixture print office canceled my order, so I had to bind the book by myself.
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