How I work
Let's say hi!
I need an income from you about what we are doing: book, poster, logo as well as technical information: what should I know about your company, your’s already existing guides, colours, typefaces, etc. I also prefer to know, who advised my to work with you.
Paper work
Before I open my InDesign, we will sign all the papers: contracts, brief, invoice. If you don’t have a brief I will be happy to create it with you. I also will create a commercial proposal with all the information & materials I need and will prepare price list for my work. I start working after 30−50% prepayment for kill fee.
I usually start with strategy
I will make a research and present it to you. This is helpful to cut the amount of corrections later. We will decide on the vector of our work. On this point we are discussing ideas, styles and some limits.
Master files
Before making all at one time, I prefer to discuss master files. For logos they are sketches, for books — some important spreads.
Making work
When we agree on the master files, I start finalising the work: real logos in real surface, all pages of the book and so on. Note, please, that there will be limit of redactions, usually 2 on every step. Here I will also ask for prepayment around 30%.
Print materials and source files
The last step where I pack all the materials you can work with and send the source files if we dealt about that. We sign final papers and you send me leftover money. Than we can start a new project.
If something goes wrong
I believe that two grownup people can always come to a compromise. However, sometimes I am not that designer that you were looking for or you may be not my client. And that’s ok. If we found out that on fist steps — I can give you some recommendations and wish good luck. If it turns out bad in the middle of the work — I will keep prepayment 30−60% depending on how much work I have already done.
My rate
Every project is unique, however this can give you understanding of my rate
Hour rate
For small projects, when there are small amount of work. Usually helpful during additional redactions, for example.
Per hour
Day rate
Useful for projects that take a couple of days. For example, I already know, that the project may take 5 days, so the price will be $ 1000
Per day
Month rate
For huge projects when the amount of work is counting in weeks. This is quite rare, however, this is the fact-finding information.
Per month