La Graphos
Lena Anfimova is a calligrapher who is not sweet and fluffy as we all used to think of calligraphers. She is bold, aggressive, smart and active. She is passionate about new experiments, techniques and never keeps her thoughts silent. I love working with Lena, she is a good client, always making challenges to me. My favourite part is that in every project we work as partners, not like a designer and a client. My goal was to create an identity that would represent her personality.
This project gave me the membership in International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
Some facts about project
Human after all
Frutiger was a type designer, they all think straight forward, usually. However, Frutiger was very lyrical & I decided to use his quotes in a book.
I gathered interviews from very different people including Katherine McCoy, Phil Baines and Ilya Ruderman together with contemporary designers who are working with and creating typefaces.
If I am talking about humanity — let's have a chat: not just solid facts, but attitude. Frutiger as well as interviewees are answering my questions. Adrian did it in his own typefaces.
Interactive section
At the end of the book there are pages with tracing paper, 2 letters of different typefaces and specimen. A reader can open the window to a world of a type designer, outlining the letters, comparing different letterforms.
Hand bound
The last mixture print office canceled my order, so I had to bind the book by myself.
New Year present
I also designed and produced set of tiny planners, iPhone size, with perforation and dates. Hard cover, black & white with strengthened binding.
What details?
For a detailed process and inside info please follow this link
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