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5-star hotel improvements
Today, I’d like to share a few insights I previously thought unworthy of mention. However, upon reflection, I thought, cmon! I’m good at it, I can’t be 100% sure that these thoughts have crossed your mind and probably they might be useful for you, your service and your businesses.
So, let’s dive in. How can you instantly drive away your clients by neglecting customer service?
Right now my family and I are based in Paphos, in the middle of Cyprus. Here, there are two spa facilities within five-star hotels, offering a slice of luxury life. Yearning for this luxury, especially as an expatriate, I treat myself a couple of times annually to massages, tea, and saunas — a bit of "me time" twice a year.
And here’s why I won’t be returning to this particular place.
What do you expect of a 5-star spa facility?
I’m paying money for the best treatment you can offer.
The average service sets you back at about € 200. Here’s what I received for that.

Good things:

    • I was provided with a towel, bathrobe, water, and high-quality body products in the showers.
    • Everything was on time.
    • The facility was aesthetically pleasing.
    • After treatment, I was offered tea and nuts in the relaxation area.
    • The treatment section is equipped with showers, separated from the rest of the complex.
    • The staff made a genuine effort to inquire about my preferences and comfort.

    Bad things:

    • Their inquiries led to nothing. I mentioned feeling cold and finding the music too loud, yet the staff could do nothing about the temperature or volume.
    • The masseuse had rough, snagging nails with burrs.
    • The hotel is near the beach, so the presence of sand wasn’t unusual, but the sound of it crunching under the masseuse’s shoes was particularly unbearable. How is one to relax?
    • Then there were the oil bottles. While the oil was pleasant, the bottles were designed such that unscrewing the cap caused it to fall and clatter loudly on the stone floor, shattering the delicate atmosphere.
    • At one point, I found myself naked in the shower post-treatment when another client walked in, an experience I found rather uncomfortable.
    Why does this matter?
    I sought relaxation and fulfilled my financial part of the bargain, and yet my expectations were dashed. The ruining of these expectations is precisely why clients will think twice before returning. In the service industry, you cannot afford to lose clients through negligence.
    I left feeling irritated and less relaxed than before the treatment. I will not be returning.
    What could be implemented at a minimal cost?
    1. General Advice. Firstly, consider the customer journey. Identify and improve any weak areas. Empathise and put yourself in your customer’s shoes — this costs nothing but thought and empathy.
    2. In this case, ensure your masseuses have smooth hands — you have the facilities for nail care, so make regular visits compulsory for your staff.
    3. Provide your staff with soft, silent felt shoes, allowing them to move unobtrusively around clients.
    4. Reconsider the oil bottles. Rethink the oil bottles. If there’s a known issue, address it. For a business of your scale, designing suitable bottles that benefit both staff and clients should be a manageable task.
    5. The most substantial change would be to reconfigure the space to offer more private showering facilities, ensuring client comfort and privacy.
    Voila, you are awesome! Shut up and take my money!
    In Cyprus, I often encounter this lack of customer service awareness in various sectors, including retail, courier services, public transport, and dining. It’s so prevalent that I could write a book on my experiences :)
    Anyway, nonetheless, I believe in not only identifying issues but also suggesting improvements. So, if you’re concerned about losing clients, get in touch, and I’ll be glad to assist!
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